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How to create website in 10 minutes

Are you are a beginner in graphics and web world and want to make a professional website layout designing without any experience?
Well, let me give you some awesome tips for creating professional design for any web layout.
Before we get into the designing process, let’s first go over what website layout is.

First of All: What Is website layout designing layout?

There are lots of definition of website layout designing, But let me understand you in simple words.
Let say website means your physical shop and infrastructure process, color paint, furniture, and other processes for the shop called layout designing.
Hope you now understand and ready for the website layout design process.

Process of website layout designing

Well as a professional way of making the good website you need to understand website header, footer, body, color combination, font style, images and lot more.
but that is the old way, follow the below process for making a stunning website in a quick way without professional knowledge.

Step 1: Install Photoshop on your machine.

Photoshop is a very useful tool for making any website layout designing and graphics designing object.

Download photoshop from the below link.

Note: With this link, Adobe gives you 7-day free trail photoshop software. After that, you need to purchase a plan that will suit your requirement.

Step 2: Understand the basic knowledge of photoshop

If you are new to photoshop check out the below link. This video will help you to understand how photoshop work and what are the criteria you will need to take care while you make a design.

Step 3: Download Moment – UI pack

Moment UI pack is very useful for making website layout design in just 10 min of the process. It comes with 14 ready to use the cards and 5-page design that will fit in every category. No matter what industries you are focusing on website layout designing this UI pack will solve all problems.

Create website layout design in 10 minutes

Download Link

Step 4: Now its time to make layout design 

Well after study of the above 3 steps you understand how to make website layout designing in a quick way.

Trust me after you follow every step you will be amazed at how it is easy to make website design.

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